pictures of the teachers

We are happy to have high-class acrobatic teachers at the (F)AAC again!

  • InBalance (Alina Blechman, Navot Ori, Tomilio Munz, Noi Levor, Noa Matalon, Inbal Reznik) (ISR)
    InBalance is an Israeli circus group that specializes in group acrobatics (Hand to Hand and Banquine). The group consists of six artists from Israel with backgrounds in dance, movement and circus. They met while studying in circus school and in 2017 decided to create a circus group. Since then they have been training, researching, creating, teaching and performing together. In 2018 they created their first show “Many Heights” with the director Orit Nevo, which they perform in Israel and abroad.

  • Simon Bigelmayr (D)
    Simon is both - a strong base and a perfect flyer. He is a trainer for gymnastics, fitness and health and excited about the variety of movements and sports. He is a great handstand teacher and loves Icarian and acrobatics.

  • Det Rijven & Jim Klinkhamer (NL)
    Accurate acrobatic techniques based on the efficient use of energy for an optimal result. Det and Jim have more than 30 years’ experience with partner acrobatics!

  • Tyll and Anne Wibben (D)
    Based in Germany, they teach and perform dance acrobatic. As professional dancers they have a special approach to let tricks look exciting and to bring them on stage.

  • Thorsten Bohle (D)
    Year-long acrobatic and performance experience creates a variety of funny and creative high/low duo and trio tricks for all levels.

  • Jesse Saunders (UK)
    Jesse will be teaching handstand, yoga, and acrobatics.